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MULTI-BUY 2 BLOKS packets FOR $14  !!
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CLIF SHOT BLOKS 60g (2 serve packet)

MULTI-BUY 2 BLOKS packets FOR $14  !!
(discount applies automatically)

Simple to handle – easy to chew – and no nasty ingredients!

Made with USDA-certified Organic ingredients – clean, organic carbs to fuel you!

CLIF Shot Bloks take a streamlined approach to performance nutrition – delivering only what your body needs most while training and racing.  CLIF Bloks are a semi-solid, easy-to-chew source of carbs – your body’s preferred energy source when exercising.  The sleek and portable packaging of Clif Bloks is unique and fit better into your pack or pocket, you can easily dispense one at a time into your mouth with one hand only – great for safety on your bike or hiking.

Contains 2 serves per packet:  Half a packet should be consumed 15 mins before exercise, and then 1-2 packets per hour (depending on caffeine intake and other energy sources consumed)

Clif Shot Bloks should ALWAYS be followed with a mouthful of water

Strawberry – caffeine-free
Mountain Berry – caffeine-free
Orange – 25mg caffeine
Tropical Punch – 25mg caffeine
Black Cherry – 50mg caffeine
Margarita – caffeine-free + 3x sodium

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Black Cherry 50mg Caffeine, Ginger Ale (no caffeine), Margarita (3x sodium), Mountain Berry (no caffeine), Orange 25mg Caffeine, Strawberry (no caffeine), Tropical (25mg Caffeine), Tropical Punch (25mg Caffeine)