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Comes in a box ready-to-assemble (no tools required)
Colours indicative only – colour may vary slightly


CRUZEE ALLOY BALANCE BIKE – Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike

GIFTS – PLEASE NOTE:  The Cruzee box is shipped in a branded box with pictures of a Cruzee bike on the outside – if you are worried your child may identify the bike please also add the $5.00 option (search for Cruzee Box Wrap listing) and we can wrap in plain brown paper for you. 

When you buy a Cruzee bike from us, you are buying from a local, hardworking family-owned business.  Shop LOCAL and SUPPORT Independent Bike Shops!

New Saddle for 2023/2024 bikes (see photos)

WHY YOU WILL LOVE THE CRUZEE UltraLite Alloy Balance Bike – New Zealand’s favorite balance/runner bike !

Suits children <18mths to 4+ years (approx 60cm – 125cm tall) – if they can walk they can cruze on a Cruzee! 

Your child’s first bike is a joyous milestone – the beginning of mobile independence, new found confidence and skills. To build the world’s best balance bike we have made it ultra light Cruzee so as soon as children are able to walk they can manoeuvre their Cruzee without battling a heavy steel frame. We have made it incredibly durable, your Cruzee will not rust, will not ever have a flat tyre, has no oily bits and the anodonised aluminium finish will ensure any scratches will not make your eyes sore. Cruzee also boasts the widest size adjustability of balance bikes in the world, it will grow with your child from about 18 months to 5 years.


Ultralight Weight – Ultra light weight at 1.9 kg means it’s easier to manoeuvre encouraging the youngest of children to grow in confidence. Easy to carry for you and your child.

Best Fit – Designed to grow with your child, Cruzee has the widest size adjustability available – 9 inches of seat adjustment and 5 inches of handlebar adjustment – both tool free. Suits riders 60cm-125cm tall or 18 months -5 years

Built to Last – Made from high grade aluminium alloy, skillfully welded by artisan TIG welders. Anodized aluminium finish is exceptionally durable – it will never rust, chip or peel. Foam tyres that will never deflate. Maintenance free cartridge sealed bearings.

Safety – The ultra light weight design means a child is less likely to be hurt or stuck should they fall. Low profile axel bolts protect riders from painful ankle strikes. Rock solid construction.

Take Your Cruzee Everywhere – Can ride on any terrain including sand at the beach, gravel, grass, snow and will not damage or mark indoor floor surfaces.

Cherish Every Moment – Opens up a whole new world of adventure, fun and exercise at a very early age. Cherish every moment as you watch your child’s confidence grow. The transition to a pedal bike will be faster and more natural because your child will have mastered balancing leaving him or her free to focus on pedalling and steering.

  •  Adjustment and 5 inches of handlebar adjustment – both tool free. Suits riders 60cm-125cm tall or 18 months -5 years.
  • The Cruzee Balance Bike is anodized in brilliant damage proof colors.  Using aluminum meant we could anodize our bikes.  Anodizing hardens the surface of the bike frame. The color never fades, never corrodes, or peels off. Your Cruzee will look as bright and beautiful in 20 years as it does today.
  • The Cruzee bike has such a low seat, kids as young as 2 can reach the ground safely.  By using the most efficient frame geometry available, Cruzee is accessible safe for even the smallest budding cyclist.
  • The Cruzee balance bike uses only flush-mounted corrosion free hardware. By recessing all the bolts on the Cruzee there there is nothing to bang into and none of the sharp exposed parts kids most frequently get hurt with when using other bikes.
  • The Cruzee is tool free and easy to adjust to exactly fit your child. You can easily fine tune your Cruzee to fit your kids perfectly. Then, you won’t ever have to worry about keeping, finding, buying, or storing some tool to do it with.

Comes with a additional longer seatpost so your Cruzee Balance Bike grows with your child


  • Light weight, scratch resistant, rust proof, chip proof aluminum frame, anodized in vivid colors.
  • Fast rolling flat proof EVA tires mounted to unbend-able 12″ Polypropylene wheels with sealed cartridge bearings.
  • Low profile stainless steel axle bolts, offering ankle happy running.
  • No tool quick release adjustment of handlebars and seat to allow rapid adjustment to fit children from 60cm to 125cm tall.
  • Comes with an additional seatpost you can easily install for extra height when your child needs it
  • Light weight padded seat almost as comfortable as mom’s lap.

Note: colours shown are indicative only, shade of colour varies slightly

This is the most current Cruzee model, sometimes called the Cruzee Ultralite.  You may see other colours that are available overseas but the colours we have listed are the only colours available in NZ. 


Cruzee bikes come with a 2-year manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects.  However Cruzee believe in customers for life – to extend to LIFETIME warranty for the original owner please register here

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