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(please note your booking is not accepted/final until we confirm with you)

SUNDAYS – sorry we are not offering day hire on Sundays for the 2022/2023 season due to staff shortages.  Our bikes are available Monday – Saturday between the hours of 9-5pm

EVENTS/RACES – Sorry we do not hire bikes out for events eg. Spirited Women, IronMaori etc

NO OBLIGATION BOOKINGS – No deposit needed, your booking is held once you have our confirmation

CANCELLATIONS & BAD WEATHER – bookings can be cancelled ahead of the day at no cost if the weather looks unfavorable or you become ill. Group bookings of 6+ require a deposit when booking. In the event of a group cancellation, a percentage of the group deposit may be retained for admin costs.
In the event of persistent rain or bad weather, we reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time, without notice, up to the hire commencement and may also recall hired bikes in sudden weather cirumstances.

Sorry no bike hire on these 2022/2023 dates:
Xmas break 24 Dec-8th Jan (no bike deliveries available Mon 9th)
Waitangi Weekend 8th – 6th Febuary
Easter 7th – 10th April
ANZAC day 25th April
Kings Birthday Weekend 1st-7th June (extended break)


Note: No 1/2 day hire for eBikes on Saturdays 1st Sept - 31st March. Also subject to waiting list or not on other days and times of year.
Please add any further info or questions We have a range of bike sizes. If you can, please list gender and heights of each person eg. Male 175cm